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Video Analytics Fuel ROI

As marketers spend more and more of their overall marketing budget on video content production, many are asking, “Where is the return on my investment?” Unlike other forms of content, marketers can get precise data about a consumer’s level of engagement through video analytics. Detailed analytics such as what segments of a video are receiving the most play and where viewers are typically dropping off helps brand marketers shape future content. This not only dramatically reduces costs by knowing what content is going to engage before investing in production, but also improves overall customer engagement across the entire video experience, as well as the total return on their video investment.

Analytics Provided By OutdoorFlics Include:

  • Detailed traffic/view metrics
  • Detailed source analytics (find out where you content performs best)
  • Customer profiling metrics (gain valuable customer information)
  • Optimization reporting

Did You Know: Videos Are 50x More Likely To Rank First On Google?

Just producing a great video won’t guarantee views. By implementing proper video SEO techniques such as playlist creation, keyword/tag optimization, custom thumbnails and captions, we will optimize and organize your video library to drive views and increase viewer engagement. We employ SEO best practices on your videos to ensure that your content won’t go unnoticed.

Video Trends Research

The 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, published by the Web Video Marketing Council, ReelMedia and Flimp Media Inc., highlights the specific practices, strategies, and techniques used by online marketers to optimize their video content for SEO purposes. For video production companies and marketers, this is a must-have report. The research is thorough, detailed, well laid out and easy to understand. It was commissioned by Flimp MediaREELSEO, and the Web Video Marketing Council. Over 600 marketing professionals were surveyed and 93% of them used video for marketing and communications in 2013. >> Read more

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